I am Joshua Pedersen. I 18 Years Old. I am in Highschool and I graduate 2018. As of right now I live in the Southern Caribbean on a small island called Bonaire. I move to bonaire September 25th, 2011 . My dads work gave us a chance to move abroad. And my parents took that step of faith. I have lived on bonaire for 5 years and some months and I have learned a lot. I was most fortunate to start my Teenhood in a afterschool program called Jr.Rangers of Bonaire. Now Jr. Rangers is a program for those who want to conserve nature. We meet twice a week and do a lot of cool activities. On tuesdays we get our lesson and lectures. Also we do hands on activities. Saturdays we meet to scuba dive, Hike, Build and a lot more.  We have many activities but not limited to Beekeeping, Coral Restoration, Scientific diving and a lot more. I have been working hard and rising in the ranks. There is Kadet, Trooper, Deputy, Captain, And Commander.  I am a Deputy and this year I will become a Captain.  We have a lot of fun learning. And making friends.

A preview of what’s up nexts…

  1. Intro to Teens4Oceans
    1. (I will have a separate tab for this too I am going to be documenting everything we do then I am writing up articles for everything we learn.
  2. Intro to ABC Islands
  3. Intro to Bonaire’s Dive sites and beaches (This will be a project of it own meaning that It will have it own tab)
  4. Intro to Bonaire culture
  5. Intro to animals and sea life
  6. Intro

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